Shipping Info

Shipping Information

Shipping Class Country Delivery
Delivery Time
A Poland Free Shipping 1-3 days
B Germany €9,5
(excl. VAT)
3-5 days
C EU Countries €24,5
(excl. VAT)
3-5 days
D Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland, Ukraine, Albania, Gibraltar, Israel, Norway, Macedonia ,Moldavia, Turkey, Russia €25 (excl. VAT) 3-7 days
E Egypt, Canada, Madagascar, Mexico, South Africa, USA, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Barbados, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Chile, Dominican Republic, Philippines, French Guiana, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Jamaica, Japan, Yemen, Jordan, Cayman Islands, South Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Qatar, Singapore, United Arab Emirates €41
(excl. VAT)
10-15 days

IMPORTANT: For Non-Eu Countries custom fees and VAT will be calculated according to the internal rules of customs at the border